1985 March Indy Car 85C-10- SOLD!


History: Chassis 85C-10, CART #417. Car was bought by Interscope Racing and raced in 1985 by Danny Ongais. Carbon chassis top serial #014560 #10.

Condition: Good, unrestored condition. Less engine. Complete road course set up. All instruments, Ongais custom seat, Aeroquip lines, and fire systems. Has radiator and oil coolers.

Chassis: Aluminum honeycomb and carbon fiber monocoque.

Transaxle: March 5-speed with reverse and limited slip differential. Case #85T-016. Uses Hewland DGB internals.

Brakes: 4 Wheel directionally vented rotors with large magnesium AP Lockheed 4 piston calipers.

Suspension: Front top and bottom A-arms with push rods and rear top rocker arms, bottom A-arms and inboard shock spring units on all 4 corners. Cockpit adjustable front and rear sway bars.

Wheels/Tires: March magnesium wheels. Fronts 10 x 15 and Rears 14 x 15. Tires are Goodyear.

Engine: This car is less engine but the correct Cosworth DFX is available. Please inquire on different options.

General: Fuel cell - 40 gallons. Car is in road course configuration. Road course wings (front and rear), brake scoops, and undertray. Indy large oval wings are available. Chassis is in good, unrestored condition.

Misc: Some blueprints and factory drawings

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge