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1974 Rhubarb (TIGA 2)


Built in 1974, for the Sports-Racing Car Assn of New Zealand (SCANZ) 2 litre championship. First raced at Manfield 14/15 December, 1974 placing 7th. Driven by Colin Smith. It was rebodied before its next race at Manfield in January of 1975 where it placed 3rd. The car was then repainted in Auckland Building Society colors for Bay Park where it achieved pole position, 2nd place and a lap record. It was then raced at Pukekohe where it placed 3rd followed by Manfield placing 2nd & 3rd. Overall achieving 3rd in championship with one 7th place finish, four 2nd place finishes, two third place finishes, lap records at B.P. and Manfield and pole at B.P. and Ruapuna.

In 1979 /1980 the car was run by Tino Korzelius with rotary power. Then it was purchased by Dave Bull in September 1982. The car raced at Pukekohe in December, 1982 doing 1.19.3. Then sold to Murray Low who fitted the car with a Nissan engine.

Raced 29/09/84 placing 7th, at Manfield

Raced 19/01/85 placing 4th, at Taupo

Raced 09/02/85 placing 9th, 4th, at Manfield

Raced 10/03/85 placing dnf, at Bat Park

achieving 7th overall in championship.

Sold to Trevor Larsen in 1986 running a Nissan SOHC.

Raced 12/10/86 placed dns broken ignition, at Pukekohe

Raced 23/11/86 placing 10th, 10th, at Taupo

Raced 30/11/86 placing 6th, 5th, at Bay Park
Raced 24/03/87 placing DNF, 5th.at Bay Park

The car was then sold in April, 1987 to Chris Robertson and then to Andrew Blackberry who rebuilt it using Rhubarb 5's Mararn body modified, and FJ20 Nissan power. Then sold to Gavin Bateman and raced in the SCANZ championship and historic events.


Car is in good unrestored condition.


Fiberglass shell with Lexan MR2 windows and carbon fibre wings.


Fabricated aluminum monocoque with steel rear sub frame. Aluminum fuel tank with cell & twin Facet fuel pumps, aluminum oil tank, aluminum ground effect venturis, full roll cage, Lotus F1 fabricated aluminum pedals.


Nissan SR20 2L 16 valve alloy block DOHC, fitted with Kelford cams, fuel injection, belt driven dry sump system, aluminum flywheel, AP racing twin plate clutch, Aeroquip oil and fuel lines, stainless steel muffler etc.


Hewland MK5, 5 Speed with reverse. Limited slip differential.


  • Front suspension: Spax gas adjustable coil overs with Titanium or steel springs, fabricated double wishbones, Lotus F1 magnesium uprights, Jack Knight magnesium housing single seater steering rack, selection of springs and adjustable anti roll bars, adjustable ride height. Spare wishbones.
  • Rear suspension: March 722 magnesium uprights, Nissan 260Z drive shafts with CV joints, large base double wishbones, Spax gas adjustable coil overs with selection of springs, adjustable anti roll bar and ride height.


4 pot JFZ calipers all round mounted on JFZ and Telstar vented discs, inboard rear, outboard front, Carbon Metallic or DS11 pads, cockpit adjustable brake bias, Aeroquip lines.


3 piece Formula Libre & Arrow wheels, fully polished halves 13x9" front 15x14"rear


Two noses and a nose mold.


New Griffin racing aluminum radiator. Fuel safe fuel cell approximately 4 years old.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge

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