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1980 IAM Indy Car

  • IAM Indy Car, Chassis 001.
  • Built at Grant King's shop and then finished in AZ by the Machinist Union Team including; crew chief Chuck Looper, Ronnie Duman and Pat Chavez.


  • The car was entered at the 1980 Indy 500, where Phil Threshie attempted to qualify but, failed due to ignition problems.
  • In 1981 the car was entered at the Indianapolis 500 as the team's back up car. The car also ran 4 other CART races in the 1980 season; Milwaukee (Rex Mays), Pocono, Ontario and Phoenix.
  • The car had a Donovan 355 Chevy in 1980 and then a Cosworth DFX Turbo in 1981.
  • The car was driven for the The Machinist Union by both Phil Threshie and Larry Dickson.
  • Used for many years as a show car for the Machinist Union.


Cosworth DFX display engine. Provision to re-install small block Chevy.

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