2005 Lola Champ Car HU03

2005 Lola Champ Car Chassis HU03


Ex RuSport car. Ran the 2005-2006 Champ Car series. This beautiful race car represents the latest in open wheel racing technology. Originally these cars cost 450,000 USD and can now be owned for a fraction of the original value.

2005 = Updated to 2006 Specs. Model # B05/00 Chassis # HU03. Driven by AJ Allmendinger (2005 2nd at Surfers Paradise, 2006 3rd at Parque Fundidora) and Cristiano Da Matta (2006 2nd at Streets of San Jose). RuSport Team Car.


Excellent cosmetic condition with all components less engine and electronics. Cosworth XFE Engine and electronics available.


6 Speed Sequential w reverse.

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