1987 March Hewland DGB Indy Gear Box Blueprints
1997 - 1999 Reynard 6 Speed Transaxles
Available Transaxles
Bell housing Lola 332
Clutch 4.5 inch
Clutch 5.5 inch
Clutch Disks
Clutches 7.25
DG300 dog rings
Differential housing
Differential ramps
Differential side and planet bevel gears
Dog clutch rings MK 7 8 9
Heavy duty universal joints
Hewland Cam & Pawl differential paws ( chicklets )
Hewland DG300 bearing carrier
Hewland DG300 ring and pinion
Hewland DGB Hubs
Hewland DGB March ring and pinion
Hewland DGB pinion bearing carrier
Hewland DGB Selector Forks
Hewland DGB sold
Hewland differential slip plates
Hewland FT 200 side covers
Hewland FT FG end cover
Hewland LG 2 speed
Hewland LG 500 / 600
Hewland LG Bearing Carrier
Hewland LG dog rings
Hewland LG500 ring and pinion early style
Hewland LG600 ring and pinion
Hewland Lola DGB 6 speed blueprint
Hewland pinion locknut tool
Hewland selector fingers
Hewland to Chevy bell housing
Hewland VG end cover
Hewland VG ring and pinions
Hewland VG VGC
Input Shaft Hewland DG 300
Input Shaft Hewland LG to Chevy
Input Shaft Hewland LG to Offenhauser
Patrick transaxles
Reverse Idler Spigot & Gear March-DGB
Reynard ChampCar transaxle parts
Slave cylinder early style Hewland
Weismann 4 speed
Weismann 5 speed sideloader
Weismann differential
Weismann dog rings
Weismann shift forks
XTrac differential
XTrac type 295
XTrac type 295 First/Layshaft
XTrac type 295 Ring and Pinion
ZF 5 DS 25/1 gear box
ZF external selector linkage
ZF side covers & stub axles