1966 Lotus Indy Car 38-R-5 "The Andretti Car" - SOLD!



Racing Record 38-R-5 was first purchased from Lotus by Dean Van Lines, for Mario Andretti's use at the 1966 Indianapolis 500. Mario drove the car at the Speedway in May but elected to use the Brawner Hawk for the race instead. The Lotus 38 was then sold to Gene White for the 1967 USAC season, where it was driven by Lloyd Ruby, who accumulated a very respectable record with it that year, winning the USAC Championship 200 mile race at Langhorne, in Pennsylvania. (This appears to be the only other victory by a 38 in a major race, along with Clark's victory at the 1965 Indianapolis 500.)

1966 - Car #1, Dean Van Lines Special Indianapolis Speedway, May 30: Mario Andretti, DNQ Note: USAC records show that Dean Van Lines had two entries in 1966, #1 and #64. The second number was originally carried by the Brabham/Hawk which Mario eventually ran in the race. The Lotus wears No. 1 in numerous photos showing it at the track that year. (The Clymer 1966 Indy 500 Yearbook shows this car in several photos, on pages 69 and 147 - the latter incorrectly and confusingly captioned as the Brabham/Hawk!) However, Mario also carried No. 1 on his Brabham/Hawk for qualifying, and the race. Apparently, the two were switched when Mario elected to use the latter in the race; such switches were allowed by USAC, although it did not allow two separate cars to be entered under a single entry number.

1967 - Car #25, American Red Ball Special Verified results Langhorne Speedway, June 18: Lloyd Ruby, 2-1*, 100 laps * = New record

1968 - Car #25, Gene White Special Potential results Las Vegas Raceway, March 31: Lloyd Ruby, 8-4, 49 laps Mosport Park, June 15, Race 1: Lloyd Ruby, 9-15 14 laps Mosport Park, June 15, Race 2: Lloyd Ruby, 9-12 13 laps Langhorne Speedway, June 23: Lloyd Ruby, 6-21, 6 laps Continental Divide Raceway, July 7: Lloyd Ruby, 7-2, 57 laps Indianapolis Raceway Park, July 21, Race 1: Lloyd Ruby, 4-23, 1 lap Indianapolis Raceway Park, July 21, Race 1: Lloyd Ruby, 4-15, 30 laps St. Jovite, August 4, Race 1: Lloyd Ruby, 5-19, 4 laps St. Jovite, August 4, Race 1: Lloyd Ruby, 14-14, 5 laps

Later History

After Gene White, it passed to Paul Wells. Can Am Cars, Ltd purchased it from him, and sold it on to a partnership of Steve Forrestal and John Mecom (the well-known Texas racing owner).

Can Am Cars then repurchased the car.

Len Terry, the designer of the Lotus 38, believes that the Lotus 38 was the best Indy car of its day by far.


The restoration of this car is being done by Racecar Restorations Inc. / Walter Goodwin, who has restored some of the other Lotus 38 Race Cars. The 4 Cam Ford engine was also rebuilt by Racecar Restorations who also rebuilt the engine in the Jimmy Clark / 1965 Indy 500 winner which is owned by The Ford Motor Company Museum.


Chassis 38-R-5, possibly alone of all the 38's (other than the Clark '65 winner), has never had its front and rear main bulkheads modified to support symmetric suspension - making this an even more rare example of the legendary Clive Chapman designed Lotus. Likewise, it also appears to be the only tub (other than the Clark '65 winner) with the original straps which hold the radiator lines under the tub (which are formed from extensions of the tub panels); on all the other tubs these have been cut off and replaced with riveted-on tabs.

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