1974 Lola Frisbee - SOLD!


  • 1974 Lola T332 CS– Frisbee Single Seat Can-Am Car
  • Chassis 33 – 763


Owned by Paul Newman! The car was built by Lola Cars in England in 1974 as a Formula 5000 car. In 1978, the car was converted to a Budweiser sponsored Spyder Can-Am Car by Smith Brothers in Santa Barbara, CA for Newman Freeman Racing (Paul Newman). The car was driven by Keke Rosberg and others. In 1982, the car was converted to a Frisbee GR3 and raced in SCCA Can-Am by Robert Meyer until 1985. The car was then sold to Colin Poole at Plum Tree Racing in England and raced in England from 1986 to 1988. The car was returned to the USA in 1989 by Can-Am Cars LTD / Chuck Haines. In 1990, Mike Collins bought the car, had it restored by Mike Dopudja in Denver, and raced it for several years in vintage events.


Aluminum monocoque with steel bulkheads. Weight is approximately 1550 lbs.


Chevy 305 race engine built by Donner Motor Sports. It has a race quality cast iron block, aluminum Brodix heads ported by Paul, Lucas McKay mechanical timed fuel injection with magnesium intake manifold and spun aluminum intake trumpets. Also has B.R.C. pistons, Carrilo rods, Manley valves, Jessel rocker arms, and a Weaver Bros. dry sump pump.


Hewland DG 300 MK2 5 Speed with reverse and limited slip differential. 7 Ľ” triple plate clutch.


4 wheel directionally vented rotors with AP Lockheed twin calipers in front and single large 4 piston calipers in the rear.


Front unequal length top and bottom a-arms with coil over Koni aluminum double adjustable shocks. Rear twin trailing arms single top link and twin bottom links. Uprights are Lola magnesium and axles have single wheel retention knock off nuts.

Wheels/ Tires

BBS racing wheels. Fronts 12” x 13” wide and Rears 19” x 15” wide.


Rack and pinion steering. Aeroquip plumbing.


Complete set of body molds, several wheels and tires. Other spares available.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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