1990 Reynard F3000 / Formula Holden - SOLD!

1990 F3000 / Formula Holden


Previously owned by F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell and driven by Mark Weber of Red Bull F1.

Chassis # 90D/029 was originally sold to Madgwick International in the UK for the International Formula 3000 series. The car was originally fitted with a Mugen powerplant and successfully campaigned by Andrea Montermini to a respectable 8th place in the series.

In 1991 the car was campaigned by Mansell Madwick Motorsports of the UK in the British F3000 series by Marco Greco to a 9th place series finish.

The car was then sold to Birrana Racing in Australia for 1993 Australian Drivers Championship for driver Paul Stokell. Stokell drove the car to a sensational 3rd place in the series. In 1994 the car was campaigned in the Peter Jackson Series by Greg Murphy and Greg Stokell. Highlights included a first place finish at Gold Star at Malla and the outright track record.

Ken Smith of New Zealand later ran the car in the 1996 Cams series.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.