1992 Lola T9200 - SOLD!

Chassis HU 03. USAC 4039 CART 0520

In 1992, the car was one of two entered in the Indy 500 by Jim Hall in yellow Pennzoil livery. The driver was John Andretti. We have not been able to determine if this car was the primary car or the back up, but John drove both during qualifying.

Practiced at the 1993 Indy 500 by Ross Bentley but did not make the race.

The car was later driven by Scott Harrington and was entered and was his back up car at the 1996 Indy 500.

Car is complete less engine. The car has Dymag wheels with 6 piston calipers and a Stack dash. The car is in speedway configuration.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.